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Improper accounting books and records

Appointment Type: Expert Advisor

Service Area: Insolvency

Industry: Not Applicable

We have acted on behalf of numerous Defendants who have been accused not keeping proper accounting books and records.  Our work will involve the inspection of documents held by the Insolvency Service or Liquidators and an assessment of what has been prepared or retained by the Defendant.  There are times when it is clear that proper records have been kept and our reports have demonstrated this, resulting in the charge being dropped.  Also, there are times when our work has identified that little or no records were maintained, which has resulted in an early guilty plea, thereby saving the Court time.

In addition, such proceedings often involve looking at the roles of Directors, the payment of unlawful dividends and assessing at what time could it be considered that a company became insolvent.  We have acted in numerous cases involving such charges, which again have resulted in charges being dropped or guilty pleas being entered.