Business Valuations

Determining the value of a business, shareholdings or assets is vital in a variety of situations.

Divorce and matrimonial matters listing
Divorce and Matrimonial Matters

As a result of the inherent nature of matrimonial disputes, it is common for one or both of the parties involved in a divorce to be distrusting of the information provided by the other.

Criminal and regulatory listing
Criminal and Regulatory

As the business world becomes ever more sophisticated, the need to involve experienced forensic accountants, whether working for the prosecution or the defence

Fraud listing

Fraud may be broadly described as a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

Loss of Profit and Contractual Disputes listing
Loss of Profits

Business disputes often result in a need to quantify a loss of profits.

Completion accounts disputes and expert determinations listing
Completion accounts disputes and expert determinations

Corporate transactions can result in disputes, commonly in relation to completion accounts, earn-out mechanisms and warranties provided.

Professional negligence
Professional Negligence

NIFA’s expert forensic accountants undertake a significant number of professional negligence cases, both as expert witnesses and expert advisors.

Insolvency listing

The world of insolvency often overlaps with the world of litigation. As such, NIFA forensic accounting experts are experienced in providing opinions

Personal Injury listing
Personal Injury

A personal injury claim in which a forensic accountant becomes involved, will inevitably involve a loss of earnings, profit or pension benefits.