Review of a transport business

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Transport and Automotive

Review of a minicab business valued at £400m in the context of a private equity investment and funds payable to a wife under the terms of an historical court order made in family financial proceedings.

Shareholder dispute

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Shareholder dispute.

Former Apprentice contestant Raj Dhonota has spoken out about a recent year-long police investigation that finally put paid to claims of fraudulent behaviour during bankruptcy. Mr Dhonota starred in the first-ever series of the popular TV series aired in 2005, four years after the businessman was first declared bankrupt. He was fired by Lord Sugar in week […]

A nationwide fraud investigation, called Operation Henhouse, has led to a “record” number of arrests for fraud, with a 52 per cent increase in the number of arrests that the operation achieved in the previous year. This multi-agency initiative ran across February and March this year and has led to 438 arrests, the freezing of […]

The first COVID-19 national lockdown is now four years ago. Around that unprecedented time, professional advisers were concerned about whether their business would survive the lockdowns, not least as it was no longer possible to meet face to face with clients or referrers. Since then, we’ve seen the litigation market change, but more so in […]


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What forensic accountants can do for you

Forensic accounting may be described as being the integration of accounting and auditing knowledge with investigative skills gained from practical experience.

It is the means by which the forensic accountant will review instructions given by a client, usually through a solicitor, thoroughly investigate those instructions and the underlying circumstances, examine the financial information …

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