Professional negligence against structural engineers

Single Joint Expert

Professional Negligence

Manufacturing & Construction

Professional negligence against structural engineers in relation to failed groundworks resulting in losses to a firm of housebuilders and residential developers.

Shareholder/Partnership Dispute

Expert advisor

Completion accounts disputes and expert determinations

Services & Consultancy

ICAEW appointment: share valuation est £85k.

The UK’s biggest ever divorce case is due to be heard in the High Court after a Russian oligarch’s wife launched a legal bid to claim a third of his fortune. Vladimir Potanin and Natalia Potanina had been married for 30 years when in 2013, Vladimir, who has been described as the second richest man […]

Rather like peeling an onion, financial investigations can often lead to further explorations of financial management. A good example of this is the Insolvency Service’s recent winding up of a magazine publisher. In this case, the Insolvency Service wound up a publishing company that produced magazines that supported the emergency services. The court heard that […]

Administrators for mini-bond firm London Capital & Finance (LCF) have warned that investors will have to wait longer than previously thought to receive their first dividend and that it could take several years to complete their investigations into the firm’s collapse due to the “level of complexity” in the case. Also, they estimate that investors […]


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2019 Annual Conference

NIFA's Annual Conference will be packed full of presentations from external speakers, and sessions run by NIFA members, with the opportunity to network and socialise over drinks and dinner.

Members' Meeting

Our next members' event is on 5 February 2020. It will include presentations from external speakers on forensic related topics and our ever popular Vice Chair Q&A session.


What forensic accountants can do for you

Forensic accounting may be described as being the integration of accounting and auditing knowledge with investigative skills gained from practical experience.

It is the means by which the forensic accountant will review instructions given by a client, usually through a solicitor, thoroughly investigate those instructions and the underlying circumstances, examine the financial information …

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