Loss of Profits


Financial investigation into certain irregularities at a subsidiary of a Packaging Group.


Divorce and Matrimonial Matters

oil and Gas

Forensic review of a Russian oligarch’s finances in the UK, Switzerland, Cyprus and Russia for divorce proceedings.

A couple who led an extravagant lifestyle, with cash in the bank and three expensive Patek Philippe watches in their safe, have been arrested after they appeared to have a combined income of no more than £49,000. This case has revealed that the couple had assets worth more than £1 million, but only declared income […]

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confirmed that it is cracking down on furlough fraud, having given employers just 30 days to admit any mistakes made on claims. Almost £20 billion has been paid out to more than one million employers in furlough claims via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), as of 7 June […]

One of the many consequences of the Lockdown is that Virtual or Online Court hearings have become the norm in civil litigation. Recent experience suggests that they can, at their best, work very efficiently but there is no doubt that they will never be an entirely satisfactory replacement for the giving and hearing of oral […]


events overview
2020 Annual Conference

NIFA's Annual Conference will be packed full of presentations from external speakers, and sessions run by NIFA members, with the opportunity to network and socialise over drinks and dinner.


What forensic accountants can do for you

Forensic accounting may be described as being the integration of accounting and auditing knowledge with investigative skills gained from practical experience.

It is the means by which the forensic accountant will review instructions given by a client, usually through a solicitor, thoroughly investigate those instructions and the underlying circumstances, examine the financial information …

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