Case Studies

Professional negligence against structural engineers

Professional negligence against structural engineers in relation to failed groundworks resulting in losses to a firm of housebuilders and residential developers.

Shareholder/Partnership Dispute

ICAEW appointment: share valuation est £85k.

Review of accounts

Review of accounts prepared following a claim that they are not correct.


Calculation of compensation payable on the termination of a commercial agency selling children's clothing and apparel.


Valuation of a plc manufacturing rubber products for Matrimonial proceedings.


Expert determination pursuant to a Tomlin Order in relation to the accounts of several businesses in an international probate dispute.

Loss of Earnings

Loss of earnings from medical negligence for IT conntractor.


Valuation of £25m property development company for Divorce proceedings.


Valuation of 7 companies which own property in and around London for development purposes. H values at £nil.