Case Studies

Shareholders dispute – judge persuaded by expert accountancy evidence

The judge had to consider whether the petitioner had been unfairly treated along with the value of the company which provided web sites and digital platforms to customers, including a number of local authorities.

Valuation of flooring supplier and contractor

Valuation of a flooring company in which husband held a 50% interest

Valuation of plant hire company

Valuation of a small group of companies in which husband had a 50% interest. Group's activities included groundworks and plant hire. The parent company also has extensive property interests.

Property investment company

Valuation and liquidity of shares in a property investment company owned by husband.

Professional negligence against structural engineers

Professional negligence against structural engineers in relation to failed groundworks resulting in losses to a firm of housebuilders and residential developers.

Shareholder/Partnership Dispute

ICAEW appointment: share valuation est £85k.

Review of accounts

Review of accounts prepared following a claim that they are not correct.


Calculation of compensation payable on the termination of a commercial agency selling children's clothing and apparel.


Valuation of a plc manufacturing rubber products for Matrimonial proceedings.