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Flood at manufacturing company premises

Appointment Type: Expert Advisor

Service Area: Loss of Profits

Industry: Manufacturing

Litigation Type: Civil

Acting on behalf of a manufacturing company which suffered a flood at its new premises due to a design fault with the roofing and guttering.  As a result of the flood, the company’s electricity was turned off for almost three weeks, due to water damage to electrical systems and machinery, causing them to miss supply deadlines and lose customers, which, over time, gradually returned to the business, after a significant amount of time invested by the Directors and staff of the company.

We prepared a detailed Expert Accountancy Report on behalf of the company showing the loss of profits incurred from existing customers and also potentially new customers who were about to commence placing orders with the business.  This involved extrapolation and interpolation of sales information, as well as collating the gathering of evidence from customers to underpin these claims.

A settlement was reached with the company’s insurers following the receipt of our comprehensive report.