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Trustee/Probate fraud accusation

Reference: PR194

Appointment Type: Expert advisor

Service Area: Fraud

Industry: Not applicable

Litigation Type: Civil

Size of Case: £100,000 - £500,000

We were instructed on behalf of an Applicant who accused his sibling, the Respondent, of Trustee/Probate Fraud, amounting to a five-figure sum, in relation to their Father’s Estate of which he acted as a Trustee under an LPA and then as the Executor.

We examined the nature of the transactions included within the bank accounts, these were primarily cashed cheques drawn by the Respondent and payments for unsupported expenses claims.

The Father had entered the care system and a substantial portion of the estate had been paid or was owed to Local Authorities.

Our report quantified the amounts drawn for the apparent benefit of the Respondent with the caveat that, even if the Respondent had undertaken his duties correctly, the level of the Local Authority claims could reduce the residual estate.