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Shareholder dispute in hair & beauty company

Appointment Type: Expert advisor

Service Area: Valuations

Industry: Services and Consultancy

Sub-category: Hair and Beauty

Litigation Type: Other

Size of Case: Under £100,000

Appointed by the defendant, the majority shareholder, in a claim for unfair prejudice brought by the minority shareholder of three companies involved in hair dressing and producing branded hair products in the name of the majority shareholder. The alleged prejudice arose from the exclusion of the minority shareholder from the management of the companies and the incorporation of a fourth company by the majority shareholder, in which a similar trade was undertaken. We were also instructed to value a trademark held by one of the companies.

The valuations of the companies and the trademark where substantially linked to the majority shareholder who was committed to making personal appearances under a number of product endorsement contracts.

We concluded on the valuation of the minority shareholder’s interest in the companies and our work was ultimately used to inform the parties at mediation, which was successful in resolving the dispute.