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Matrimonial case involving farming companies

Appointment Type: Single Joint Expert

Service Area: Divorce and Matrimonial Matters

Industry: Agricultural, Farming, Fishing and Forestry

Litigation Type: Matrimonial

Instructed as a Single Joint Expert, we were asked to provide a share valuation in a matrimonial case involving a large group of companies in the farming industry, supplying peeled chips and potatoes to wholesalers.

There were several companies in the group and the husband had different shareholdings in each, requiring minority discount share valuations to be considered. We were also required to calculate the capital gains tax due on sale of the husband’s shares and prepare an assessment of the liquidity of the company in order to determine whether his director’s loan account could be withdrawn.

Despite the overall share valuation being several million pounds, both parties reached an amicable settlement very quickly following the provision of our report.