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Sharp rise in bank card fraud reported in latest industry survey

Member: Nifa

A sharp rise in card fraud has been reported in the latest survey of bank customers by a leading payment system company.

According to the survey of over four thousand people across fourteen countries by ACI Worldwide, one third of UK customers, that's an estimated fourteen and a half million people, have been a victim of card fraud in the past five years.

This is a sharp increase on the figure of around one quarter of bank customers, reported eighteen months ago.

By contrast, nearly four out of every five bank customers who were on the receiving end of card fraud said that they were happy with their bank's service, that's an increase over the three quarters recorded in 2009.

Forty per cent of these customers said that their satisfaction was due to the speed with which the bank recovered their money, taken in the fraud.

The number of UK customers taking part in the survey was around three hundred.


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