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Pressure on the Trump organization continues

Barry Weisselberg is the latest employee of the Trump Organization to be scrutinised by prosecutors investigating former President Donald Trump’s business empire.

Barry is the son of Allen Weisselberg, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, who was charged with tax fraud in a New York court in July.

Barry himself used to manage Mr Trump’s ice rink in Central Park and is under investigation for avoiding taxes by living for free in a luxury apartment owned by the company.

This accusation first came to light in November 2020 after Barry’s wife, Jennifer was threatened with eviction from the home she had been living in since her divorce from Barry in 2018.

She claims the eviction notice was issued because she is co-operating with the prosecution and has handed over a decade’s worth of tax returns and financial documents showing that her ex-husband did not report all his income and that he received corporate perks, such as tuition for their children and cars that should have been declared as taxable income.

The records that Jennifer provided included joint tax records, bank statements, and documents pertaining to apartments and other assets, which are currently being reviewed by a forensic accountant.

Prosecutors hope that by putting his son under scrutiny, they can ‘flip’ Allen Weisselberg, who described himself as Donald Trump’s “eyes and ears” and who, according to Jennifer, “knows every bad thing …(Trump)… ever did.”

Roger Isaacs, Forensic Partner at Milsted Langdon, said: “Forensic accountants can play a vital role uncovering tax fraud and undisclosed income but sometimes the most incriminating information can come from an aggrieved spouse.

“It is said that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but regardless of gender, a spouse or civil partner who is out to get revenge on a former partner, can often be a rich source of evidence of financial wrongdoing.

“In some cases, individuals are even willing to incriminate themselves as a price worth paying to hurt those they once loved. Relationships that were once most the most trusting can turn into the most bitter divorces and a confidence about illicit activity that may have been shared with a spouse can be used as a powerful weapon many years later if things get nasty.”

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