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In-depth investigation finally snares ‘career criminal’

A conman who fleeced numerous businesses, as well as the NHS, to the tune of almost £1.4 million has finally been jailed for more than 11 years, having pleaded guilty to 12 counts of fraud and theft.

Stephen Day claimed to the businesses that hired him that he was a financial turnaround consultant but used his position of trust to plunder their accounts to fund a luxurious lifestyle.

Day used more than 20 different company names and would siphon money from his customers’ accounts into his own, spending the money on property, cars, exotic holidays and even a stretch of salmon-fishing river in Scotland.

However, it was not only companies he targeted but also individuals. During the investigation, despite being in a live-in relationship with two different men, Day started a romantic relationship with a woman after claiming to be a widower and defrauded her of almost £5,000. Amazingly, none of the three had any idea he was seeing other people.

The potential fraud first came to light in 2011, after concerns were raised and Greater Manchester Police’s specialist fraud investigation team started investigating, who were later joined by the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

It was a complex investigation, as Day was not only defrauding companies but he was also working for multiple NHS Trusts, with none having any idea of his other roles and salaries.

He would often move money to and from many different accounts making it difficult to distinguish the route the funds had taken.

However, Helen Gregory, Forensic Director at Milsted Langdon, explained: “Forensic accountants are experts in uncovering and following financial trails to find original sources of funding.

“We also use our expertise to look at a person’s lifestyle for clues, which may suggest that they have acquired wealth unlawfully.

“Those in our profession use all available evidence, from witness interviews to emails, as well as bank transaction records to uncover the truth.

“This long and in-depth investigation of Mr Day has led to his conviction and demonstrated the value of forensic accountancy to the courts.”

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