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Forensic accountants unlikely to be caught on camera

Member: Nifa

UK Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke QC has unveiled plans to allow cameras in Court for the first time in British legal history but it seems unlikely that forensic accountants and other experts will appear live on TV.

Mr Clarke said the move was aimed at making justice more publicly accessible than ever before when television braodcasting is introduced.

The proposals will form part of the new Crime and Courts Bill, intended to replace present legislation banning the practice.

If the change goes through Parliament, which seems likely as both coalition parties are in favour, broadcasting will start in the Court of Appeal, where, according to the Ministry of Justice, filming of opening and closing arguments by Counsel will be allowed and handing down the judgement will also be covered.

The Government will later look at allowing filming of judges’ sentencing remarks only. The MoJ has posted an assurance that no victims, witnesses, offenders and jurors would be filmed.

Launching the proposal, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said that: "We are bringing the concept of open justice into the modern age and in doing so we will make the courts more accessible to the public than ever before." He added: "People have always had the right to go to watch proceedings in courts but in reality very few actually do." Mr Clarke concluded by saying: "By allowing broadcasting from courts we are now enabling many members of the public to see, for the first time, court proceedings as they happen."


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