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Forensic Accountants Stay Ahead Of The Game – 13 December 2013

Member: Nifa

With new apps and software updates coming out all the time, it is no surprise that the world of forensic accounting, which relies increasingly on technology to make its investigations, is also making full use of the advances.  A whole range of crimes can use digital forensic methods to prove innocence or secure a conviction, and many would probably not be resolved if it were not for new technology and techniques.   

Digital forensics, which is developing as a specialism within the wider range of investigative accounting, can make the entire process more efficient and cost effective, making it popular with the sector.  Forensic accountants are brought in when someone needs to find something that has usually been well hidden or when an individual has been accused of hiding something – usually money – and needs to prove their innocence.

Given that we now live in a technology-driven world, there is an increased chance that the accused used technology to create a complex trail they hope investigators cannot follow; and this is where the new technological advances come into play.  There are IT tools that are able to obtain historical financial and other data from computers, mobile telephones and sat nav devices and can also place mobile devices geographically when in use. 

Given these advances and the expert eye and experience of a forensic accountant, people laying false trails should be very worried that their misdeeds will be found out and people unjustly accused of fraud or other crimes should be relieved that the truth will be easily found.

Author: Roger Isaacs – 13 December 2013

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