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Following the money

Member: Nifa

‘Follow the money’ is a key exhortation in most investigations, as cash is a used as a motivator even in crimes that appear to have nothing to do with it.  One recent example of this is the alleged involvement of Donald Trump’s presidency with Russia.

According to some sources, independent forensic accounts, legislators and the Democrats are now looking into links between the criminal underworld and money laundering around the presidency, with one letter to the Treasury Secretary stating: ‘The nearly constant stream of allegations about the President's ties to Russian government officials, oligarchs and organised crime leaders raises serious questions as to whether such individuals may have financial leverage over the President and his administration.’

As would be the case with any other forensic financial investigations, the letter requests documents related to foreign loans to the President himself, certain transactions at his casinos, property investments and bank records.  As one of the investigators said, “we have to follow the money”.

More recently it has been confirmed that Congressional investigators are also demanding documents from the President’s personal lawyer in relation to the Russia investigation.  This has led one political journal to comment that, because the lawyer acts for both Mr Trump and his businesses, it suggests that the investigators are interested in potential financial dealings.  As it says, ‘the money is being followed’.

Of course, as with any forensic investigation, following the money does not necessarily lead to a foregone conclusion; the money trail can prove innocence as well as guilt.  It is impartial and deals with the facts, not the political opinions of those concerned.

Author: Roger Isaacs, 7 June 2017

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