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Follow the money

Member: Nifa

Forensic accountants and investigators are in the spotlight on TV now, as the latest Scandinavian thriller on BBC4 is all about a team of investigators trying to find out what is going on in a seemingly thriving business. Called, aptly enough, Follow the Money, the series looks at the situation from both sides, with the storylines of both fraudsters and investigators having equal prominence.

Described by the Radio Times as a complicated tale of financial fraud, corporate corruption, organised crime and ‘the lies big businesses tell’, the story centres on the fictional firm of Energreen, a wind farm business, whose CEO is seemingly never off TV telling us what a success story his firm is. However, all is not as it seems, as the head of his legal department suspects insider dealing and takes his evidence to the police. 

As the machinations of the CEO continue in the public domain, in the background, the investigators are piecing together every tiny piece of evidence they can find, from telephone call transcripts to the bank records of firms alleged to be part of the ‘front running’.  They suspect that dirty dealings are afoot but need more evidence to find out exactly what.

In any forensic investigation, both analogue, such as photographs, interviews and letters, and digital information are key in piecing together the true picture of what has been happening. These days computer forensics are crucial to detecting criminal activity, as computers can contain evidence in emails or trails the investigators can follow through internet history or traces of hacking activity.

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Author: Roger Isaacs, 1 April 2016

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