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Financial investigation handed over to police

Member: Nifa

Police have been handed evidence from a year-long investigation into financial irregularities allegedly committed by the former Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), Jeremy Newmark. An investigation began in March 2018 after a leaked document alleged financial impropriety against Mr Newmark, who stood down as Chief Executive in 2013 on the grounds of ill health.

According to a whistleblower, who revealed the existence of an internal JLC audit from 2013, Mr Newmark allegedly spent up to £112,000 improperly on holidays and car leases. He refutes the allegations, saying that the investigating panel has not been able to “stand up the core issues” against him. However, it is the finding of a panel working with the Charity Commission that has been passed to the police.

According to Mr Newmark, prior to the report being finalised, he had only been asked for feedback on part of it.  He claims he was only shown parts of the report under supervision.

However, the panel said that its forensic investigation of the charity’s finances was “seriously hampered” by the absence of key records, which Mr Newmark is alleged to have removed after his resignation, an allegation he also denies.

Documents such as bank statements are the lifeblood of any forensic accounting investigation, as they form the beginnings of a picture of what money has been spent and on what. However, other records, such as emails, interviews, phone transcripts and the duplicate records kept by financial institutions are equally important.

Roger Isaacs, Forensic Partner at Milsted Langdon said: “In this situation the forensic investigation appears to have suggested that key documents had been removed from the charity’s records, which was enough for the enquiry to be passed on to the Police.

“If you believe that a forensic investigation could be the right step for you, then you should contact our experts at Milsted Langdon today, for an in depth discussion of your options.”

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