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Detailed investigation clears couple

Member: Nifa

Many people believe that being investigated for financial wrongdoing automatically means that someone is guilty but, actually, forensic investigations are often used to prove someone’s innocence as well as guilt. This has been demonstrated recently by North Yorkshire Police releasing a man and woman without charge following a “detailed financial investigation”.

A Charity Commission investigation began into the Jack Raine Foundation last year after officials were alerted by local police that a financial investigation was being conducted. As a result, the Commission made an unannounced visit to the charity’s premises in November 2016 to inspect the charity’s books and records. They found insufficient financial records and no evidence of trustee meeting minutes to reflect decisions taken. Although the police investigation has concluded, the Commission is now investigating whether the financial management of the charity was adequate.  As part of the investigation, the Commission froze the charity’s bank accounts.

The police investigation will have been equally painstaking but the scrutiny of accounts, transfers and other documentation cannot have found anything incriminating, otherwise the couple would still be under suspicion.

Very little detail has been released about the case but for the Police to say they had been cleared following the detailed investigation means that forensic accountants would have been used. These experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to building up a clear picture of what has gone on.

Author: Roger Isaacs, 27 October 2017

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