Sourcing, import and resale of antique linen
Loss Of Earnings

I am instructed, by solicitors acting on behalf of the Claimant, to prepare a Report on her past and continuing losses of net income, that it is claimed arise from injuries sustained in a road traffic accident (in the UK). The business is the purchase, import, and sale (via Fairs and website) of goods sourced by the Claimant, principally in Hungary and surrounding countries. The main product is antique (pre-1945) linen, ceramics and furniture. The business is operated through a company, of which the Claimant is sole director and shareholder, so the claim is for losses of director's remuneration and dividends. The Claimant previously drove to Hungary to source the products, then brought them back to the UK in her van. Due to the injuries sustained in the index accident, the Claimant can no longer drive such distances, and now has to travel abroad by plane. This have severely restricted the quantity of products she can source and import, together with the range and volume of items for sale. The injuries have also restricted the number of specialist Fairs she can attend.